About Black Hat Bushcraft


My Name is Matt Mercer and I am the creator of Black Hat Bushcraft which began as a Youtube project to share ideas and skills relating to bushcraft, woodcraft, camping and survival. I have been a woodsman most of my life and have spent countless hours in the woods and on the water pursuing activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and simply enjoying God’s gift of the great outdoors. I have a passion to learn new skills and gain knowledge about the natural world around me and I also get great joy in sharing this knowledge with others who have similar interests. I do not consider myself an expert in these crafts but rather a student who is always learning and seeking to gain new knowledge and acquire new skills that allow me to become more self reliant in the wilderness and life in general.


In March of 2015, I decided to take the Basic Survival Class at the Pathfinder School in Jackson, Ohio. After completing this class, I was excited to take it to the next level and continued to enroll in each of the classes offered at the school. After Basic Class, I completed several other classes including Intermediate Survival (Pioneer), Camping and Woodcraft, Advanced Survival and the Wilderness First Aid class. I also completed the requirements to receive a certification as a Wilderness First Responder. In 2017, after serving as an assistant at several classes, I was certified as an instructor for the Pathfinder School under David Canterbury. I have had the opportunity to instruct during several classes since being certified and plan to continue to travel to the school to help train others in the Pathfinder System.FB_IMG_1518450085685

I also began working to be accepted in the National Pathfinder Youth Organization in 2015 and completed the requirements to do so in 2016. I was then appointed as a chapter leader for the National Pathfinder Youth Organization and currently train a youth group on a monthly basis in bushcraft and survival skills such as fire-making, shelter building, proper tool safety, water disinfection, etc. I believe that sharing these skills with our youth will help to make them more confident and self reliant adults which will in turn make for a better future for our society.

I am committed to continue producing videos on Youtube to share and pass on those skills that I have learned and developed in hopes that it will benefit others. Also, by connecting with others who share similar interests, I continue to learn from the many others who have knowledge and skills that I have yet to attain. I believe in the adage of “We share together, we learn together, we grow together.”

God Bless You and Yours!

Psalms 90:17